The man

Ed Silvoso

Can an Entire City be Reached for Christ?
This was one of the first and most persistent questions I asked myself as a new believer. Acknowledging that God wishes that none should perish and that Christ gave Himself in ransom for all, I constantly wondered what it would take for the Church in a given city to take the good news to everyone there.
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The message

What Really Happened at the Cross
As we reflect on his atonement there is a key point that is often misunderstood: Who did Jesus give Himself in ransom to? Understanding this properly allows us to capture the depth of the Father's love for us and from there step up in faith knowing how MUCH MORE He has in store for us now that we have been reconciled.
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The mission

Ed Silvoso

To Make The World a Better Place
Businesses repurposed, education reformed, prisons transformed, environment restored, government reclaimed, corruption uprooted. These are some of the results so far, and the mission is just beginning.
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